About St. Brigid’s

Photo: Roy Adkins

St. Brigid’s is named for the fifth-century Irish saint who is credited with turning her bath water into beer. While we hope that you don’t expect quite the same degree of miracles out of our group, we think this makes her quite an inspiration!

Members Catherine Bishop, Margaret Cupples, Julia Weems, and Rebecca Wilkinson (and friends, often including Mark Roemer, Jamie Weems, and Kathy Wellman, along with our founding member, Susan Wellman) have a variety of musical experience, but we share with our patron saint a love of a great tune, a hot bath, and a well-poured pint.

Our repertoire is inspired by and drawn from the traditional songs of Ireland and the British Isles, with a few modern favorites thrown in for good measure and with a couple that are just there to make you smile. Many of our arrangements feature the multi-part vocal harmony beloved by Susan; Catherine learned another song on a musical pub crawl in Dublin; and we’ve dug up a few others from the archives. We hope you enjoy.

Contact: Margaret Cupples, 601-291-3378 or cupplesmargaret@gmail.com.

Listen to our performance at TedX Jackson Women 2016